Having subverted the mainstream since 2008, these soft handed punks have been causing quite a stir with their manic art-punk convulsion. Since their inauguration above The Packhorse pub in Leeds; they have toured tirelessly wowing critics, bands and audiences alike.


Thus attracting the attention of everyone here at ‘Transgressive Towers’ who immediately set to work planning the strictly limited 12″ vinyl titled ‘Live At Leeds’ which was released on Record Store Day (17 April 2010) in the UK. Obviously their eponymous debut was warmly received worldwide after it’s release on the 21st June 2010, as were the four kick ass singles which heralded its arrival. Its follow up ‘Tough Love’ was released in 2012 and continued the trend of incredibly raucous songs accompanied by even more impactful live shows.

In Sept 2022, after a period of reflection and transformation, PABH released their long-awaited 5th album, ‘Reality Cheques’. Creating songs delivered with raw urgency, the band changed their approach with Hudson ditching his guitar and focusing on vocals, distilling their lineup to guitar, bass and drums creating a vital new feel.

A 7″ vinyl featuring ‘First World Problems’ / ‘Rinse & Repeat’, saw PABH landing at #2 in The UK Vinyl Singles Chart. ‘First World Problems’ – ”is a voiced frustration towards our groomed, individualist society. Our real & online worlds are full of constant venting of trivial annoyances, as if they are the centre of the universe when there are more pressing matters out there.” ‘Rinse & Repeat’ is ”Inspired by seeing Ziggy Stardust standing in line at the JobCentre, it’s more punk rock than Iggy advertising life insurance.”


Back to the Fuck Yeah

Pulled Apart By Horses

High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive (Balls on Fire)

Yeah Buddy

I Punched a Lion in the Throat


Tough Love

Wolf Hand

Bromance Ain't Dead

Epic Myth

The Tough Love Sessions

Tough Love (Deluxe)

Live At Leeds