Mystery Jets formed in the early ’90s when the group’s shock-headed frontman, Blaine Harrison, was only 12. The band was initially called the Misery Jets, in honor of the Heathrow-bound jets that habitually roared over their native Eel Pie Island, but they changed their name when Blaine (who, again, was very young at the time) misspelled ‘misery.’


Mystery Jets were essentially a family project, with Blaine on drums, Blaine’s dad, Henry Harrison, on bass, and Blaine’s friend William Rees on guitar. Henry eventually switched from bass to guitar, Kai Fish joined up as the group’s bassist, and Blaine switched from drums to keyboards. The group tried out a drum machine and a local kid named Max before finally latching onto drummer Kapil Trevedi.

The band’s debut single ‘Zoo Time’ / ‘Lizzie’s Lion’ was released by Transgressive in 2005, with their first full-length album, ‘Making Dens’, released on 679 the following year. Their second album proper, ‘21’, was released on 679 in March 2008 with dance producer Erol Alkan at the helm and minus Harrison Snr for the first time.



Zoo Time / Lizzie's Lion