Cosmo Sheldrake is a London, UK born, Stroud based artist. He’s known as field recordist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and improvisationalist. He collects and experiments with musical instruments of all kinds and incorporates natural sounds into his music


Son of a biologist Rupert Sheldrake and voice teacher Jill Purce and brother of mycologist Merlin Sheldrake (Entangled Life). Cosmo has toured internationally with sold out headline shows across North America, Europe and Japan. He has composed music for film and theatre, and in 2015 he ran a community choir in Brighton, UK.

Cosmo’s song Come Along was featured in a high-profile global Apple commercial which subsequently resulted in the track charting at number 39 on the US Digital Songs chart. In 2020 the song Birthday Suit gained popularity on the video-sharing app TikTok the following year later in November, with the song becoming a top trend on the app and now has over 60 million streams on platforms with over 1 million video uploads using the track.

In 2020 he released Wake Up Calls on his own label Tardigrade Records, featuring tracks composed entirely from recordings of endangered British birds.

New music coming in 2023.


The Much Much How How and I


Run Rings Right Wrongs


Wriggle (Mr. Jukes Edit)

Wriggle (Edit)

Egg and Soldiers

Mind of Rocks

Come Along (Edit)

Pelicans We

Rich (Edit)

The Moss