Benny Mails is a South-London-based artist of restless creativity. Brought up in the midst of London’s grime scene whilst also listening to heroes like Nas on the one hand and the discovery of his family’s funk and jazz records on the other, his early experiences of playing live weren’t that of a typical MC. Benny breakdanced and performed contemporary dance from a young age, with surreal teenage encounters with the likes of b-boy legend Crazy Legs and the Zulu Nation.


South London’s Benny Mails, has a dense and free sound. There’s a special layer of pressure that sits on top of all the songs he writes that are closest to his heart. He is an advocate for music that’s not easy to listen to and doesn’t have any intentions of changing that with force. He doesn’t shy away from being vulnerable on his tracks e.g. opening up about his ADHD and moments of anxiety, which is often “spewed” on top of his verses.

Benny knows his thoughts and feelings are here to stay longer than he is meant to and acknowledges to take full responsibility for his words – “if I don’t speak my mind on the status quo today, the bars I write tomorrow will feel like a catch- up.”


Aware, The Mixtape.



High On Stress


Too Many

These Days


Buried Alive

Sticky / I Blocked My Dealer