The Young Knives

Perhaps the definitive Transgressive band... we were thrilled by the band on our first visit to Oxford and immediately signed them for the 'Junky Music Make My Heart Beat Faster' ep, and swiftly converted it to our first multi-album deal.


The band went from strength to strength with their debut album ‘Voices of Animals and Men’ bringing a refreshing take to the post-punk revival, with killer pop songs such as ‘She’s Attracted to’, ‘Weekends and Bleakdays’ and of course ‘The Decision’ leading to a Mercury nomination, sold out shows and much press love.

The band broadened their horizons with the follow up ‘Superabundance’, leading off with the vitriolic observational masterpiece ‘Terra Firma’, ‘Up All Night’ and the stunning ‘Turn Tail’, blasting over people’s conceptions of the band, and leaving them in a position where next, anything could happen.

Their new album Barbarians came out in Sept 2020 – go give it a spin.


Dyed In The Wool

Turn Tail


Up All Night

Terra Firma

The Decision (7" #2)

The Decision (7" #1)

The Decision

Voices of Animals & Men

Weekends and Bleak Days [Hot Summer] (7" #2)

Weekends and Bleak Days [Hot Summer] (7" #1)

She's Attracted To

Here Comes The Rumour Mill (7" #2)

Here Comes The Rumour Mill (7" #1)

Here Comes The Rumour Mill

The Decision