Comprising members of agit-punks Fat White Family and synth prog group Eccentronic Research Council, the Moonlandingz began life as a fictional band on the ERC's 2015 album, Johnny Rocket, Narcissist & Music Machine...I'm Your Biggest Fan.


A tale of a female fan stalking her favorite singer, Johnny Rocket, of her favorite band, the outer space rockabilly Moonlandingz, the ERC needed someone to play the band, so they brought in Saul Adamczewski and Lias Saoudi of Fat White Family to help out. They recorded an EP to go along with the album and then, buoyed by the experience, everyone involved decided to take it one step further and make the Moonlandingz a real live band. The resulting album, Interplanetary Class Classics, was released in early 2017 on Chimera Music. They toured the U.K. and Europe, then released the This Cities Undone EP late in the year. Their last shows of 2017 were billed as possibly their last ever, as the bandmembers resolved to return to their regular gigs. Their record label wasn’t ready to say goodbye, however, and in early 2018 released a deluxe edition of Interplanetary Class Classics that came with a second disc of remixes, demos, and stray tracks.


Interplanetary Class Classics

The Cities Undone

The Strangle of Anna

Black Hanz