So So Modern

Touring their native New Zealand relentlessly, So So Modern combine a love of 80's synth work outs with hardcore ethics, rhythms and guitars, and a set of lyrical influences which completely engrosses.


Following a series of self-released cdrs, Transgressive released the ‘Friends and Fires’ series: four 7″s, one a week for a month, themed by colour, which were then compiled with the material from the cdrs as ‘Friends and Fires +000EPS’ as a vital introduction to an immense act.

They recorded their debut proper in 2001, So So Modern returned in the new year with their strongest songs to date, and a ferocious live show.


Transpacific Express

Friends and Fires + 000eps

Friends and Fires

Friends and Fires

Friends and Fires

Friends and Fires

Crude Futures