Graham Coxon

An introduction is not needed; Coxon has remained one of the most influential and inspiring guitar players and songwriters of the last quarter-century, whether through his immensely eclectic and challenging solo material or role within Blur.


Graham Coxon marks the 101st release of Transgressive Records, and our 31st signing.

His new album, and first for Transgressive, is entitled “The Spinning Top”, comprising 15 original new songs, as produced by Stephen Street and featuring collaborators such as Danny Thompson and Robyn Hitchcock.

His seventh studio LP to date, it is also his finest yet whether the folky blues shuffle of “Sorrow”s Army”, menacing thrashes of “Dead Bees”, or eight-minute daydream opus, and perhaps album centrepiece, “In The Morning”.

Graham’s most intimate and beguiling work to date, “The Spinning Top” ploughs depths, textures and lyrical furrows that few of his contemporaries are still able to muster, especially this far down the line. Conversely, this is the sound of a man rejuvenated and refocused, ready for yet another flourish in an-already compulsive and vital career.