Signed to Transgressive Publishing, Absentee set the gravel-toned, self-dissecting lyrics and character pieces of Dan Michaelson to the kind of Pavement-tinged Americana that gets reviewers hot under the collar.


Based in London, the indie rock quintet Absentee are comprised of Dan Michaelson (vocals, guitar), Melinda Bronstein (vocals, keyboards, melodica, glockenspiel), Babak Ganjei (guitar, lap steel), Laurie Earle (bass), and Jon Chandler (drums).

Two exceptional albums have been released to date, ‘Schmotime’ and ‘Victory Shorts’ as well as the excellent mini ‘Donkey Stock’. The singles have been plentiful and inspiring including ‘Bitchstealer’, ‘Boy Did She Teach You Nothing’ and ‘Something to Bang’.

When not recording or touring with Absentee, both Michaelson and Bronstein have side projects with Dan Michaelson & the Coastguards and the Bronsteins, respectively. Bronstein also plays with Babak Ganjei in Wet Paint. Absentee is everyone’s main concern though and the group released their second album, Victory Shorts, in the fall of 2008.


Victory Shorts


Like Rasputin

Things I Forgot At Birth